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See our Slide Scanning FAQ to learn more. Non-Standard slides consist of 127 Slides in 2x 2" plastic or cardboard installs, 110 Pocket Slides, 3D Stereo Slides. See our Movie Type Comparison Guide for more details. See the remarkable distinction Dig My Pictures and a Nikon 9000 make Original Slide We took this Kodachrome slide and scanned it on both a Nikon 5000 utilizing Digital ICE and then once again on a Nikon 9000 using Digital ICE.

Notification the freaky effect on the boy's eyes as scanned by the Nikon 5000. We call that ICEy Eye and its a flaw in the Nikon 5000 scanner's version of digital ICE. This problem is the reason we decided to begin using the Nikon 9000 scanners solely for our slide scanning service and it's http://sethgprq551.bearsfanteamshop.com/15-terms-everyone-in-the-slides-to-digital-raleigh-industry-should-know why you must demand having Transfer Slides to Digital your slides scanned on the Nikon 9000.

Inexpensive Rates, Uncompromising Worth We make it quick, easy, fun, and inexpensive to convert your old images to digital photos. We don't http://edition.cnn.com/search/?text=slides to digital contract out the picture scanning overseas and we do not automate the digital image corrections. Regardless of all of the innovation in our modern facility, we still do image corrections by hand and customer support the old fashioned way.

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Do you envision your own library of digital images that is simple to reference for a particular photo when you need it? Are you primarily interested in enjoying them on your TV? Would you like to develop an image gallery of augmentations? All of these things are possible when you go digital with Dig My Pictures! Printed Thumbnail Album Deluxe Slideshow Motion Picture Archival Storage Get a printed set of all your images in a special thumbnail album that reveals you all of the images on your discs in addition to the folder names and disc number.

When you include any archival storage product to your order, we will place your slides, prints, and negatives in the storage for you at no service charge! 100% Complete satisfaction Ensured-- Or You Don't Pay! Our 100% Complete satisfaction Assurance ensures that you will receive a product that is up to your standards or you do not pay! We believe you'll agree that going digital has actually never been more problem-free! Fast Turn-Around Times With our Fast Reverse Times we generally deliver orders of 400 photos or less in 5 business days or less.

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You can even see your images online as they are being scanned with our innovative Actual Time Scanning Service!.?. !! You can check your order online, anytime, day or night. The Very Best Technicians in business Dig My Pictures has actually been digitizing pictures and film for over 10 years! Throughout that time, we have actually assembled the market's most knowledgeable and skilled group of university-educated digital picture specialists.

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We do all the scanning right here in the USA so you can feel great about supporting the American professional photographers and artists that operate at Dig My Pics! Our experience is that when you have the chance to talk directly with the business's employees who are dealing with your project you get a much more efficient and pleasing experience and an exceptional last item! Desire to communicate with the service technicians that are handling your order? You can at Dig My Photos! And don't be shocked if you get a friendly call or e-mail from us throughout the process.

Sometimes that means picking up the phone or sending a quick email if they need to clarify your preferences or have recommendations. Custom-made Named Folders Do you envision your own library of digital images that is simple to reference for a specific picture when you need it? A computer checks out http://query.nytimes.com/search/sitesearch/?action=click&contentCollection&region=TopBar&WT.nav=searchWidget&module=SearchSubmit&pgtype=Homepage#/slides to digital files numerically, then alphabetically.

Dig My Pics Scans to TIFF. Should I care? We scan your pictures and do all the work on them in uncompressed TIFF format then convert to JPEG prior to delivery. Operating in TIFF produces bigger files, which means they take longer to process and use but result in higher-quality images.

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It's not a compromise we want to make. It's that special attention to the great details that distinguishes the pros from the amateurs and you'll find that sort of attention to information in all of the work we do. Because we currently work in TIFF, we will never charge you more to save your images in TIFF, so you can get TIFF, JPEG, or both formats and you only spend for the extra discs that may be needed.

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JPEG! You don't have to get just a CD or DVD for your newly scanned images, however. We provide a variety of Transfer Slides into Digital Format Media Options to match your needs from a SD Card for your digital picture frames Slides to Digital to an external hard disk drive. See our Frequently Asked Concerns for more info! Wish to Make Prints from your Slides!.?.!? See our page on Slides to Prints.

And Locally Liked. Picture This! All of your photos - slides, prints, and negatives- in a single, simple to use digital format, then printed and indexed in our professionally bound books!.?. !! You'll also take pleasure in Dig My Pictures exclusives: .

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Slides consist of a lot of memories from events past: anniversaries, wedding events, birthdays, family vacations and more. If you want to preserve those images for generations to come, you need to think about digitizing them. Here's a rundown of the choices readily available and the results you can anticipate from each. Initially, why do you require to transform slides anyhow? Risk of getting lost or destroyed.

According to Converting slides to digital format is one method to protect these images even if the physical slides are irreparably harmed. Slides deteriorate. A slide is nothing more than a very thin piece of film confined in a rigid square of paper or cardboard. The film can end up being a location for mold and mildew to grow in damp conditions.