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This is a topic I've contemplated time and time again, and I figured now would be an excellent time to discuss it. See, today most savvy internet users declare things like "present year bad" or "this trend requires to die." Trends like minimalism and bean-mouth pertained to my mind. Now here's the thing.

And if there's one thing I'm truly prepared for, it's the next big thing. I'm really interested in the possible renaissance that media or the Internet might go through in the next couple years. Some might argue that we presently live in a Web dark age, and some pessimists claim that the Web will never be excellent again, however that just more proves my point.

One big common pattern I've seen this year in specific is the boost in sound between customer and corporation. When a corporation does something that their customers don't agree with, they'll truly try to speak up. Examples off the top of my head include #Bring Back National Dex and the 2018 You Tube Rewind.

They are ready for modification. The most important thing to be familiar with with generational shifts is the principle of counter-culture. Compare the vibrant, extreme tone of the 80s, to the bold, defiant tone of the mid-to-late 90s, to the tidy, futuristic tone of the early 2000s. Counter-culture is important since it assists form the next generation, and the next one after that.

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The Olympics next year are being held in Tokyo. And if you've been focusing, Anime and Japanese-developed computer game are hitting new strides on the internet and in popular culture. Compare offerings such as Breath of the Wild, Personality 5, or Nier Automata to Battlefront II EA or Anthem.

In the 80s and 90s, Japan held a major fortress on the computer game market (Nintendo, Sega, Sony), and the majority of computer game http://query.nytimes.com/search/sitesearch/?action=click&contentCollection&region=TopBar&WT.nav=searchWidget&module=SearchSubmit&pgtype=Homepage#/best tech gadgets companies developed utilizing the Japanese frame of mind. If Japan continues their uphill stride, possibly Western designers like Activision and gasp! EA, may change their frame of mind. And before you provide me the "The world will never be excellent again" card, here's the important things, you require to understand that at one point, things will improve.

I'm not a big follower in the future. I indicate, it will exist-- we know that. But that's about it. CXO Advisory Group has examined the forecasts of numerous experts. Are the talking heads on TELEVISION right or wrong You know, the ones who say Ebola will end the world, or the ones who said Enron was just having accounting problems.

I think they are being great to the experts. I would say pundits are ideal about 12 percent of the time. However I pulled that number out of a hat, and they did a statistical study, so who knows I do not like making forecasts. They get in the way of my digestion.

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However there's a terrific way to evaluate whether a forecast is real or not. It includes a basic phrase we all know: "This time, things will be different." We understand that phrase is constantly incorrect. We understand that things remain the exact same. I'll give a fantastic example: My 15-year-old doesn't have e-mail.

But she does use her phone. She texts everyone. Email has been popular for almost twenty years. However the phone has actually been popular for over 100 years. Not that new things are bad. We're not utilizing the phone from the year 1900. We're utilizing a phone that is a more powerful computer than the leading supercomputers from twenty years back, and it suits our pockets.

I have two experiences as an expert for the future. In 2007, I said on CNBC that Facebook would one day be worth $100 billion. At the time, it deserved maybe $1 billion. Everyone on the program chuckled. I then bought every Facebook companies I could find.

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Anyhow, MIT recently said it's working on simply such a toilet. Cost: $2,000, but it's going to bring the cost down to $100. Count me in. But there are 10 patterns from the past 100 years that I think are important to regard, which will be important trends for the next 100 years.

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Most people are scared to death of inflation. If many people are scared of something (like Ebola), it most likely suggests it's a media- or marketing-manufactured fear that will never come true. The truth is, we reside in a deflationary world. Warren Buffett has said that deflation is far more frightening than inflation.

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It's fantastic for everybody else due to the fact that we buy things. However, to be reasonable, it's a variety. When rates decrease, people wait to purchase, since costs may be more affordable later on. This is why some of the cristianirwt097.yousher.com/our-technology-trends-in-2020-statements scariest points in our financial history remained in the 1930s and in 2009 when there was deflation.

That's how scary it was. To solve the problem, we provided 18-year-old kids guns, sent them to another country, and told them to shoot other 18-year-olds. People have all sorts of stats about the federal government debt and the dollar reducing 97 percent in worth considering that 1913, and so on. I don't care about all of that.

Here's what I see: My computers are less expensive. Housing rates have not increased in ten years. And individuals are finally starting to realize that paying for greater education isn't worth as much as it used to be (excessive student loan debt and not adequate jobs). All electricity is cheaper. All books are cheaper.

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All my music is essentially complimentary if I view it on You Tube. Don't get me incorrect: Inflation exists since the government and the corporations that run it are preventing deflation. But the natural order of things is to deflate. Ultimately, something bad will happen, and the carpet will be taken out from under everyone.

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Then deflation will strike hard, and you have to be prepared. In a deflationary world, ideas are better than products. If you have concepts that can assist people improve their businesses, then you will make a great deal of money. For example, I know someone who was sleeping on his sister's sofa until he began revealing people how to offer webinars to improve their services.

This "webinar trick" will not constantly work. However then he'll have concepts for the next method to assist individuals. Concepts are the currency of the 21st century, and their value is pumping up, not deflating. The last 50 years was the "IT half-century," beginning with the creation of the computer system, the widespread usage of personal computer, and after that the domination of the internet and cellphones.

It will not. Every year computers will improve, more apps will be useful, and so on. However the best innovations are over for now (DNA computing will occur, but not until after what I'm about to state does). As an Click to find out more example: the next variations of my laptop computer and my cellular phone have already come out.

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And I'm an upgrade addict. However the upgrades simply weren't huge enough. I don't even believe I understand the distinctions in between the next generation of mobile phone and last year's generation (tiny modifications in battery and pixel numbers, but just tiny). Here's what's going to change: chemistry. The variety of grad trainees in chemistry is at an all-time low versus the variety of college student in computer technology or infotech.

Well, for Elon's sake, would not it be much better if we had a more effective method to use lithium so that batteries can last longer DNA computing, while it would develop a terrific advance in computer innovation, is nearly 100 percent based on advances in biochemistry. Lots of people call the U.S.

And it's costly to utilize it. Would not it be better if someone might establish a groundbreaking change here I can list 50 problems that chemistry can resolve that would make the world much better. However it's not sexy, so individuals have actually stopped studying it. This will change. Not due to the fact that it's a futurist trend, but http://www.bbc.co.uk/search?q=best tech gadgets since for 3,000 years, modifications in society were mainly due to chemistry advances (e.g., collecting wheat) rather than computer system advances.

We still need it."An easy example: Du Pont and Dow Chemical, the 2 biggest chemical companies, brain microchips have actually had 50 percent and 38 percent year-over-year revenues growth, respectively, compared to Apple (12 percent). But no one cares. Trend No. 3: Employee-Free Society Prior to 200 years earlier, we never really had staff members. Then there was the rise of corporatism, which many confused with commercialism.

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It's gone from $200 million in revenue to $1 billion simply in the past couple of years. Why did we move up so quickly when the economy has actually essentially been flat The Pareto principle, which says that 80 percent of the work is being done by 20 percent of the people.