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This is a subject I've pondered time and time again, and I figured now would be an excellent time to discuss it. See, today most savvy web users claim stuff like "current year bad" or "this trend needs to die." Patterns like minimalism and bean-mouth pertained to my mind. Now here's the important things.

And if there's one thing I'm really prepared for, it's the next big thing. I'm really thinking about the possible renaissance that media or the Web might go through in the next technology in 2025 predictions couple years. Some might argue that we presently live in a Web dark age, and some pessimists claim that the Internet will never ever be good again, but that simply further shows my point.

One big common pattern I have actually seen this year in particular is the increase in noise in between consumer and corporation. When a corporation does something that their customers don't agree with, they'll truly try to speak out. Examples off the top of my head include #Bring Back Nationwide Dex and the 2018 tech gadgets You Tube Rewind.

They are all set for change. The most important thing to be familiar with with generational shifts is the idea of counter-culture. Compare the vibrant, extreme tone of the 80s, to the brash, rebellious tone of the mid-to-late 90s, to the tidy, futuristic tone of the early 2000s. Counter-culture is important because it helps form the next generation, and the next one after that.

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The Olympics next year are being held in Tokyo. And if you have actually been taking note, Anime and Japanese-developed video games are hitting new strides on the internet and in popular culture. Compare offerings such as Breath of the Wild, Personality 5, or Nier Automata to Battlefront II EA or Anthem.

In the 80s and 90s, Japan held a significant stronghold on the computer game industry (Nintendo, Sega, Sony), and many computer game companies developed using the Japanese mindset. If Japan continues their uphill stride, maybe Western designers like Activision and gasp! EA, might change their mindset. And before you offer me the "The world will never be great again" card, here's the important things, you require to understand that at one point, things will get much better.

I'm not a big follower in the future. I indicate, it will exist-- we know that. But that's about it. CXO Advisory Group has analyzed the forecasts of numerous pundits. Are the talking heads on TV right or wrong You understand, the ones who state Ebola will end the world, or the ones who said Enron was just having accounting problems.

I think they are being good to the experts. I would say experts are best about 12 percent of the time. But I pulled that number out of a hat, and they did an analytical research study, so who knows I don't like making predictions. They get in the way of my digestion.

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However there's a great method to evaluate whether a prediction holds true or not. It involves a basic phrase we all know: "This time, things will be various." We understand that phrase is always wrong. We know that things stay the same. I'll provide an excellent example: My 15-year-old doesn't have e-mail.

But she does use her phone. She texts everyone. Email has been popular for almost 20 years. But the phone has actually been popular for over 100 years. Not that new things are bad. We're not using the phone from the year 1900. robotics computer science We're using a phone that is a more effective computer than the top supercomputers from twenty years ago, and it fits into our pockets.

I have two experiences as a pundit for the future. In 2007, I said on CNBC that Facebook would one day be worth $100 billion. At the time, it was worth possibly $1 billion. Everybody on the show laughed. I then purchased every Facebook providers I might discover.

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Anyhow, MIT just recently stated it's dealing with simply such a toilet. Cost: $2,000, but it's going to bring the expense down to $100. Count me in. But there are 10 patterns from the previous 100 years that I think are necessary to respect, and that will be essential trends for the next 100 years.

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The majority of people are terrified to death of inflation. If many people are frightened of something (like Ebola), it probably suggests it's a media- or marketing-manufactured fear that will never come real. The truth is, we live in a deflationary world. Warren Buffett has actually said that deflation is a lot more scary than inflation.

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It's excellent for everyone else since we purchase things. Nevertheless, to be reasonable, it's a variety. When prices decrease, people wait to purchase, since costs may be cheaper later. This is why some of the scariest points in our financial history were in the 1930s and in 2009 when there was deflation.

That's how frightening it was. To resolve the problem, we provided 18-year-old kids weapons, sent them to another country, and told them to shoot other 18-year-olds. People have all sorts of stats about the federal government financial obligation and the dollar reducing 97 percent in value considering that 1913, and so on. I don't care about all of that.

Here's what I see: My computer systems are more affordable. Housing costs have not increased in 10 years. And people are lastly starting to realize that spending for college isn't worth as much as it utilized to be (too much student loan financial obligation and not enough jobs). All electrical energy is more affordable. All books are less expensive.

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All my music is generally complimentary if I see it on You Tube. Don't get me incorrect: Inflation exists because the federal government and the corporations that run it are avoiding deflation. However the natural order of things is to deflate. Eventually, something bad will occur, and the carpet will be pulled out from under everybody.

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Then deflation will strike hard, and you have to be prepared. In a deflationary world, ideas are better than products. If you have concepts that can assist people tech gadgets enhance their organisations, then you will make a great deal of cash. For example, I understand one person who was sleeping on his sibling's couch until he started revealing people how to give webinars to improve their companies.

This "webinar trick" won't constantly work. But then he'll have ideas for the next way to help people. Concepts are the currency of the 21st century, and their value is inflating, not deflating. The last 50 years was the "IT half-century," starting with the creation of the computer, the extensive usage of home computer systems, and then the supremacy of the internet and mobile phones.

It won't. Every year computers will improve, more apps will work, etc. But the greatest innovations are over for now (DNA computing will occur, however not till after what I will say does). As an example: the next versions of my laptop computer and my mobile phone have actually currently come out.

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And I'm an upgrade addict. But the upgrades just weren't big enough. I do not even think I understand the distinctions between the next generation of cellular phone and last year's generation (small changes in battery and pixel numbers, but just small). Here's what's going to change: chemistry. The variety of graduate students in chemistry is at an all-time low versus the number of college student in computer system science or details technology.

Well, for Elon's sake, wouldn't it be better if we had a more efficient way to use lithium so that batteries can last longer DNA computing, while it would create an excellent advance in computer system innovation, is practically 100 percent dependent on advances in biochemistry. Lots of people call the U.S.

And it's costly to use it. Would not it be better if someone might develop a cutting-edge modification here I can note 50 problems that chemistry can solve that would make the world better. But it's not hot, so people have stopped studying it. This will alter. Not since it's a futurist trend, but due to the fact that for 3,000 years, modifications in society were mostly due to chemistry advances (e.g., collecting wheat) rather than computer system advances.

We still need it."A basic example: Du Pont and Dow Chemical, the two largest chemical companies, have actually had 50 percent and 38 percent year-over-year earnings growth, respectively, compared with Apple (12 percent). However nobody cares. Pattern No. 3: Employee-Free Society Before 200 years back, we never ever actually had employees. Then there was the increase of corporatism, which numerous puzzled with industrialism.

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It's gone from $200 new technology 2019 apple million in earnings to $1 billion just in the past couple of years. Why did we move up so fast when the economy has actually generally been flat The Pareto principle, which states that 80 percent of the work is being done by 20 percent of the individuals.